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Who or what is PPI ??

The Professional Photographers of Idaho is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth, support and organization of professional photographers, like you.  We also promote the photographic industry in Idaho and the surrounding states.

The object and purpose of this association shall be:

      • to develop, improve, promote and advance the photographic industry and the photographic profession;
      • to develop, improve, and promote good relations with the consuming public; to create, foster promote and maintain cordial relations, cooperation and interchange of thought, opinion, and information among its members;
      • to oppose the violation and infringement of rights of professional photographers in their products; to encourage sound business methods and practices, having to do with the activities of the association and the members thereof;
      • to work for the fair treatment of the photographic industry by governmental agencies; and to stimulate trade and promote the general interests of the members of the association.

That's what our bylaws say anyway.

What we do mostly is get together, learn together, and have fun together. And take a few pictures too.

46 S. Taylor St., Nampa,
 Idaho 83687

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