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Why join Professional Photographers of Idaho?

If you're here, you are most likely looking towards the next step in your photographic journey. We are here to help.

Joining us is easy - just hit the link at the bottom of the page.  Any questions? - !!

To the Aspiring Photographer or Established Pro:

·      Education at the highest level available in the state of Idaho.

·      Equipment, hardware, software etc. discounts from affiliate businesses.

·      Workshops throughout the year that focus on: Sales techniques, Lighting skills, Posing techniques, post-production, workflow

·      Personal questions answered by seasoned professionals

·      Reduced registration fee for the annual convention

·      Build your social and professional network.

·      Reduced event rates.

·      PPA Merits for PPA members

·      Annual image competition and critique.

·      State fellowship degrees.

·      Certification classes at a reduced rate.

·      Annual Holiday Dinner

·      We will teach you things that you had no idea you didn’t know!!

·      Become personal friends with the best professional photographers in the state who are willing to share ALL their knowledge. Just ask them!

·      Be a part of the BEST group in Idaho

·      Enjoy the community that is - Professional Photographers of Idaho!


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